A sustainable maritime industry in a 2°C scenario - has the ship already sailed?

Posted by Joe Beviss on 05-Apr-2018 10:39:02

Shipping has long been a fundamental enabler of trade, although its important role may go unnoticed. Think about where the clothes you are wearing were made and how they arrived here. What about your phone? How did its components all come together to reach your hand right now? It's very likely that shipping played a role in both examples. How is this all made possible?

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Topics: Sustainable Development Goals, Science based targets, emissions, Shipping

4 things to consider before setting a science based target

Posted by Laurie Edwards on 18-May-2017 10:37:23

Science Based Targets (SBTs) are fast becoming the only realistic method to fulfil the global ambition to limit catastrophic climate change.

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Topics: Science based targets

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