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Rachel heads up Marketing and Communications at Carbon Clear. She has nine years experience of working in marketing, communications and public relations in the finance, energy and environment and charity sectors. Rachel’s skill set lies is in developing strategy, understanding client requirements and communicating accessible and interesting content across a range of digital, broadcast and print channels. She also has experience in managing events. Rachel holds a BA Hons in International Studies and French from the University of Birmingham.

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3 reasons to be hopeful about tackling climate change in 2018

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 10-Jan-2018 09:06:24

We all worked hard during the past year to continue to shift the dial on combatting dangerous climate change.

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Four things you need to know about COP 23

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 22-Nov-2017 10:06:12

The hosts for the 23rd United Nations Conference of Parties was Fiji - Bula! For practical reasons, Fiji came to the Rhine with the negotiations physically hosted in Bonn, Germany. Frank Bainimarama, the Fijian Prime Minister and COP 23 President is one of the leading global voices calling on the international community to commit to more ambitious targets to curb carbon emissions.

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How do I increase the scale and ambition of carbon and energy reductions?

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 10-Oct-2017 08:00:00

Recent news stories have focused on the rise and rise of renewable energy. The International Energy Agency in its assessment of renewable energy states ‘we see renewables growing by about 1,000 gigawatts by 2022, which equals about half of the current global capacity in coal power’.

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4 ways the Paris Agreement is being put into action

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 08-Aug-2017 16:09:22

Media headlines about climate change are largely focused on problems, obstacles and challenges. Bad news sells, right? One of the most covered news story of 2017 is Donald Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement – and it's right that it should get so much attention because it’s a big deal.

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Industry leaders join forces to help businesses better manage climate change impacts

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 13-Jul-2017 09:12:31


06:00 13 July 2017 - EcoAct Group, the climate expert and climate finance project developer headquartered in Paris, today announces the acquisition of Carbon Clear, a major player in the UK environmental sustainability marketplace.

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Making the UK's biggest companies more sustainable

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 05-Jul-2017 17:32:18

Sustainability consultancy Carbon Clear is currently working with 20 FTSE 100 companies, helping them to address their business challenges in an intelligent way. 

The FTSE is a share index of 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the highest market capitalisation. FTSE 100 companies represent about 80% of the entire market capitalisation of the London Stock Exchange. These companies are large and international meaning that they often face complex business and sustainability challenges.

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How to go about setting a sustainability strategy

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 05-Jun-2017 07:30:00

There is increasing pressure on organisations from investors, policy makers and the public, to broaden the scope of their annual reporting and to disclose their impacts.

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The Intelligent Way to Benchmark Sustainability

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 25-May-2017 10:29:37

This week Carbon Clear launched the Intelligent Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit, a free online platform for businesses to benchmark their approach to environmental sustainability. Answer 15 questions across three categories and receive an Intelligent Sustainability score, industry benchmark and recommendations for improvement plus observations about best practice.

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The importance of an ‘and’ approach when on the path to climate neutrality

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 03-Mar-2017 11:09:49

When it comes to addressing the impact of dangerous climate change, we know that a binary approach doesn’t work. The Kyoto Protocol era (1997-2012) taught us this lesson: developed vs developing countries, mitigation vs adaptation, perpetrator vs victim, etc. Although progress was made, it was not quick enough, inclusive enough or innovative enough to meet the huge global challenges we face as a result of manmade climate change.

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Three areas of focus for business and sustainability during 2017

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 09-Jan-2017 15:35:10

I’ve not set resolutions this year. However, this year I have decided that I’d like to not take certain things with me into 2017. I’d like to leave the negative aspects of 2016 behind and focus on the now.

This particularly resonates for me when I think about climate change. So much was achieved in 2016 – ratification of the Paris Agreement and the ongoing march of renewable energy as an economically competitive energy source – but sometimes other events overshadowed the good news.

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