8 things you need to know about COP 22

Posted by Olivier Levallois on 01-Dec-2016 11:29:38

Climate change negotiations are a little like Moroccan tea.

It begins with the spectacle of serving the tea, pouring from a hight to aerate it to create a thin layer of frothy bubbles. After that, there is a longer phase, which requires patience as the tea cools and becomes drinkable.

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Sustainable Development Goals: what's the role for business?

Posted by Joshua Holland on 23-Nov-2016 17:37:33

Leading businesses are engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to focus their environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. This helps ensure that they continue to play a part in building a more resilient world through economic growth and opportunity while also addressing social and environmental need.

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Beyond emissions in the transition to low carbon

Posted by Olivier Levallois on 16-Nov-2016 11:40:07

World leaders are into the second week at COP 22 in Marrakech, 'writing the rule book' on how to achieve the commitments to climate action laid out at Paris in 2015. As it stands, 110 parties out of 197 have ratified their commitment, showing world unification at a time where collation seams sparse.

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The worst performing sector is most likely to have an energy management system

Posted by Naomi Rich on 10-Nov-2016 08:55:16

There are many ways to see how well a company is doing at sustainability – CDP, DJSI, FTSE4Good, ISOs, Carbon Trust Standard etc. Sometimes it can all seem a bit overwhelming trying to understand what it means and whether a company is actually considering sustainability as part of its business strategy, or if it’s just applying stickers to cover a hole.

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Positive energy: businesses and renewables

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 02-Nov-2016 09:22:49

Friday 4th November marks the beginning of the historic Paris Agreement to limit emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) on a global level. This means that all countries must now begin to implement the plan laid out in their ‘Intended Nationally Determined Contributions’ (INDCs), including regular reporting on efforts to reduce emissions.

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CDP - are companies doing enough?

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 25-Oct-2016 12:24:34

CDP has today released a report examining the findings of company disclosures to its Climate Change Questionnaire.

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GRI fuels improvement in sustainability reporting

Posted by Sonya Likhtman on 21-Oct-2016 14:25:51

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has released an update to its reporting standards, replacing the previous reporting structure, G4. 

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How can science based targets help the UK meet national carbon targets?

Posted by Suzannah Sherman on 13-Oct-2016 06:00:00

In 2008, the UK government passed the Climate Change Act which established a legally binding target to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

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Which FTSE 100 company is the best at reporting sustainability?

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 04-Oct-2016 09:32:54

Congratulations to BT Group for ranking first in this year's Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100 research. Marks and Spencer Group (M&S) scored a very close second, missing the top spot by one percentage point. Both of these companies really pave the way in terms of climate change best practice with holistic and extensive approaches to their sustainability strategies. Unilever ranked third thanks to its innovative approach to managing sustainability performance and engagement.

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Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100 | 2016 Results

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 29-Sep-2016 06:00:00

The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100 is an annual research report that has been published for the past six years. 

Companies use it, alongside CDP and Dow Jones Sustainability Index, as a benchmark for how well they are publicly reporting.

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