Sonya Likhtman

Sonya joined Carbon Clear in 2015 as an analyst. She holds a first class honours degree and two prizes from the University of Cambridge, where she studied Geography. Her focus at degree level was climate change, political ecology and international development. She has since worked on carbon footprinting and sustainability reporting for several international organisations. Sonya speaks English and Russian fluently and also has experience of sustainability consulting in Singapore, where she looked at energy, waste and employee engagement.

Recent Posts

The value of reporting on non-financial performance

Posted by Sonya Likhtman on 11-Apr-2017 10:51:08

In today’s complex business landscape, companies are expected to deliver more than profits and shareholder value: they are increasingly focusing on their non-financial performance.

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GRI fuels improvement in sustainability reporting

Posted by Sonya Likhtman on 21-Oct-2016 14:25:51

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has released an update to its reporting standards, replacing the previous reporting structure, G4. 

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COP21 and The City - five things to think about

Posted by Sonya Likhtman on 02-Mar-2016 14:46:50

The Paris Agreement resulting from COP21 was kind of a big deal. It demonstrated the shifting political resolve towards addressing climate change and moving the world towards a low carbon future. As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker commented at the end of the COP, “today the world gets a lifeline…This robust agreement will steer the world towards a global clean energy transition”.


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